Day 7: Cheat Day 1

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Burger and coconut milk
Dinner: Beef stirfry

Exercise: Weights

I was 77kg this morning. 3kg down in the first week. I was pretty heavy for me coming into this so I don’t expect that to continue.

I always weigh myself first thing in the morning after going to the toilet. You can easily vary by a couple of kilos over the course of a day, so it’s important to weigh yourself at the same time of day in order to get meaningful info. I use the same scales for the same reason. Using the scales every time is more important than shelling out for an expensive scales.

I went to the gym in the morning then had burgers for lunch. I made some pesto and mixed it with chopped tomatoes. Very salubrious altogether. Leinster were playing today so I watched the match with a mate and rake of He-Man rugger pints. It was my cheat day so I had a couple of burritos from Chipotle and a load of chocolate on the way home too.

Cheat days are pretty common. If you eat the same things day after day your body gets used to it. You need to throw in some variety (read: junk food) to keep it working as hard as it should. Well, that’s how the theory was presented to me when I was in college. There’s probably a lot more to it than that.

Cheat days are different to “cheating” in general. Cheat days are scheduled. You’re still eating what you planned to eat. When you eat something that you know you shouldn’t be, then you’re cheating.