Day 6: Gym Dorks

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Burger and coconut milk
Dinner: Beef stirfry

Exercise: Sprints

It was a sunny morning. I was on my way to the gym when I thought I might go to the park instead and do some sprints. Why not make the most of the sun? I love exercising in the sun. It feels more natural and you get some vitamin D for free.

But I was half way to the gym, and I was too lazy to turn back, so I decided to leave the park for another day (terrible decision-making!). I arrived at the gym and went downstairs into the main gym. The gym is mostly underground, so there are no windows and it can be incredibly stuffy when it’s hot outside. When I walk into the gym, I was digusted! It was packed, smelling of metal, sweat and rubber. It was like an S&M dungeon that needed a wash. I couldn’t believe that so many people had come to this appalling place on such a beautiful day. I couldn’t believe I was one of them! It felt viscerally wrong to be there.

I think people forget why they go the gym. I’d include myself in that sometimes. Sure we want to look good naked, but don’t we also want to be fit and healthy in order to do other stuff? Surfing, 5-a-side football, rock climbing, whatever. When the sun is out, we should be out enjoying it. Ideally with other people. Rather than a windowless basement, doing isolation exercises on our own. We can become regime dependent. Look good naked/be healthy = exercise = gym.

Body builders are the ultimate example of a group that’s missed the forest for the trees. Guys build muscle to demonstrate physical prowess. Fine. There’s an understandable evolutionary aspect to that. And girls love 6-packs, whether they want to admit it or not. But when you’ve built up so much muscle that you can’t do basic movements like jumping or sprinting, you’ve clearly done something wrong. Check out Rich Piana struggling to breath and talk at the same time in this video. Unfortunately the steroids didn’t make his lungs grow with his muscles. Or our friend in the image above. He went to the gym to look good, but now he looks like a disproportionate, cartoon freak.

I’m ranting now. Anyway, I left and jogged to the park for some sprints. I had planned to lift weights, and I hate not doing what I’ve planned, but if you’re in a windowless basement doing isolation exercises on a sunny day, you’re doing life wrong.


P.S. The burgers were homemade. They’re based on this Jamie Oliver recipe. My mate’s girlfriend made them once. They were the best burgers I’d ever eaten, so I got a hold of one of his books. I took out the crackers and the bun. (And the gherkins, obviously!)

I also bought a blender so I tried to make a veg smoothy out of cucumber, celery and lemon. It wasn’t great.