Day 53: Mobility

Breakfast: BP Coffee
Lunch: Chicken and veg; 30g macadamias
Dinner: Chicken salad

Exercise: Sprints

CrossFit has helped me to realise that I have some serious mobility issues. I can’t hold a decent front squat because my shoulders are screwed. I also can’t back squat fully because of hip and ankle immobility. I’m sure there are loads of other problems.

When we have good mobility our limbs and joints move correctly. We are stronger, and less likely to injure ourselves. Stretching is often an afterthought, but having gone through some intermediate level movements (like the clean) I realise how bad my flexibility and mobility are.

I’ve added some mobility work into my post workout stretching. I’ll be doing stretches and exercises I found on MobilityWOD. MobilityWOD is a site created by Kelly Starrett. Starrett is the poster-boy of mobility. He has a PhD in physiology and was a white water rafter before becoming coach in San Fransisco CrossFit. Today he works with Arsenal, the NO Saints, Jamie Heaslip, and Tour de France cyclists.

Although MobilityWOD is a subscription service, there are hundreds of free videos so there is plenty to work on before spending any money. As you can see from the image above, one of the core tenants is that we should be able to perform basic pre-hab/re-hab on ourselves.