Day 52: CrossFit WOD

Breakfast: BP Coffee
Lunch: Chilango chicken salad; 70g macadamias
Dinner: Pork chop; 300g sweet potatoes

Exercise: CrossFit WOD

I did my first CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) tonight. We did about 20 minutes of technique for the clean, then we did rounds of cleans and ring dips against the clock. It was a pretty heavy workout.

I still have my reservations about CrossFit. Before doing complex movements, like the clean or the snatch, the individual should understand the technique and have the required range of movement. Until the individual has the correct technique perfected, they shouldn’t be doing cleans for time or racing against others.

I don’t doubt the good intentions of the coaches, but CrossFit is designed as a race, and it’s always gonna get criticised for that (see image above). I guess you’ve just got to find better CrossFit boxes that are gonna make more effort to ensure their clients have the right technique. We also have to be responsible for ourselves, and be sure not to compromise our technique for the sake of knocking a few seconds off a WOD.