Day 50: Skipping BP Coffee

Breakfast:  Chicken salad; ½ avocado
Dinner: Salmon; sauerkraut; veg shake

Exercise: Sprints

The final week. 75kg. As expected.

I didn’t have a BP coffee this morning. I was curious to see the difference.

When I have a BP coffee, I get mild hunger pangs. Every couple of hours I’ll feel hungry, but the feeling isn’t strong. It’s like a thought passing through my subconscious; it don’t command my full attention, and I don’t feel like I desperately need to eat.

Today the hunger pangs came, and when they did, they were much stronger. They didn’t last any longer, but they were definitely sharper, more acute. My concentration was affected, and I decided to eat lunch earlier than usual. Granted I was tired today after a bad night’s sleep (and a lack of coffee of course), but I still felt worse.

If I was more scientific I would go without BP coffee for the next week to get a decent sample size together, but I’d rather not be hungry and distracted for a week. Even for the sake of gentleman science. Instead, I’m going to have a larger amount of butter with my BP coffee tomo. I usually have 25g so maybe I’ll go for 50g.