Day 49: Cheat Day Again

Breakfast: BP Coffee
Lunch: 2 pork chops; avocado; 100g sweet potatoe; 80g chocolate nuts; 100ml coconut milk
Dinner: Double chicken breast pitta at Nandos; 80g chocolate nuts

Exercise: Weights

I had some chocolate nuts left over from yesterday. Which I ate immediately once I saw them. It calls to mind another lesson from Robb Wolf: “The best form of self-defence? Don’t be there”. Don’t be there when the fight breaks out. The best way to avoid binging is to not have binge foods in the house. And if you can’t avoid them, then at least keep them out of sight!

I went shopping in the afternoon and stopped off in various shops on the way back. I bought some coconut milk in Waitrose. It was the “Waitrose Essential” brand coconut milk. Avoid this stuff like the plague. It tasted more like paint than any coconut milk I’ve ever had. I tried Waitrose Essential butter once and it was pretty awful too.

Despite my good intentions I managed to eat 400g of chocolate covered nuts this weekend #dontbethere