Day 48: Electronic Weighing Scales

Breakfast: 2 pork chops

Dinner: 2 pork chops; veg shake; 350g sweet potatoes; 240g chocolate nuts

Exercise: Weights

74kg this morning. I’m a little surprised it’s not less given that I ate well and I did 20 mins of cardio yesterday. Then again, I’m using an old weighing scales, and it’ hard to be more accurate than the nearest 0.5kg. It’s possible that there was some weight loss but I just couldn’t eyeball it. Maybe I should invest in a decent digital scale.

Speaking of which I stumbled across this weighing scales. I’m sure the bodyfat measurement isn’t accurate, but it does offer a decent benchmark. It might not accurately measure the level of bodyfat you’re carrying, but if it tells you that your bodyfat has fallen over the course of a week, then it probably has.

It’s an interesting piece of equipment, and they have some other gadgets on their site that might be useful, but all said, I’m not sure if I’m ready to drop £130 on a weighing scales just yet.