Day 39: Set Points

Breakfast: BP Coffee
Lunch: Chicken and veg; ½ avocado
Dinner: Chicken salad with parmesan (about 40g); ½ avocado

Exercise: Sprints

75kg again! That’s four days in a row. I’m getting suspicious here. I’ve been eating low-carb Paleo and doing some HIIT. How come I’m not losing weight? Coming into this I figured that fat loss is 80% diet. Moreover, anyone (well, any guy) who is 15%+ body fat can lose it without much exercise if they follow a sensible Paleo diet. I must be doing something wrong.

It can’t be muscle gain, because I’m not doing weights, and I’m not eating enough.

I ate 100g macadamias the other day, but that shouldn’t be enough to stop me losing half a kilo over four days. Right?

A lack of training? Maybe 5/10 mins of HIIT here and there isn’t enough.

Another possibility is “set points”. My weight generally floats between 70 and 80kg depending on what I’m eating and drinking. Generally I’m around 75kg. Even if I’ve been eating badly for weeks, my body will tend to come back to 75kg after a few days. This seems to be my body’s “set point” (the mean-reverting level for you maths geeks).

Robb Wolf discussed the idea a couple of years ago on episode 91 of his podcast. He suggested that in order to get past these “set points” something more extreme than a standard low-carb diet may be necessary. He also mentioned that when breaking through set points, either putting on muscle or losing fat, it’s important to maintain the new level for a month or more, so that it becomes your body’s new set point.

All food for thought anyway. I’ll keep an eye on my weight and see what happens.