Day 38: Antifragility and Dosage

Breakfast: BP Coffee
Lunch: Chicken salad; ½ avocado; 100g macadamias
Dinner: Salmon sauerkraut; veg shake.

Exercise: Sprints

I didn’t have time to do much exercise so I squeezed in 5 minute of sprints on a stationary bike. That doesn’t sound like much (and it isn’t) but I figure as long as I’m eating low-carb Paleo my body won’t have enough glycogen and it will have to use stored fat as energy (i.e. I’ll be in “ketosis”). In addition, the 5 minutes of HIIT should encourage my body to burn more calories from fat in the hours after training. I discussed the merits of HIIT previously.

I’ve been reading Antifragile by Nassim Taleb. I’m a fan of his books. In Antifragile Taleb discusses how researchers learned better ways to help people with lung problems to train their lungs.

“People with a variety of lung diseases, including acute respiratory distress syndrome, are put on mechanical ventilators. The belief used to be that constant pressure and volume were desirable —steadiness seems a good idea. But the reaction of the patient is nonlinear to the pressure, and suffer from such regularity. Further, people with very sick lungs cannot take high pressure for a long time —while they need a lot of volume. J. F. Brewster and his associates figured out that dispensing higher pressure on the occasion, and low pressure at other times allowed them to provide a lot more volume to the lungs for a given mean pressure and thus decrease patient mortality.”

How to apply this idea? I supplement with vitamin D. I should take about 5k IUs a day. In the past I did. Now I try to vary the dose. I’ll still take 5k most days. Some days I’ll forget to take it and get none. Other days I’ll take 5 or 8 drops. I think the volatility in the dosage will help my body to absorb it.