Day 33: Blender

Breakfast: BP Coffee
Lunch: Chicken and veg
Snack: 100g macadamias and some grapes
Dinner: Chicken salad; veg shake

I was still hungry after lunch so I had a packet of macadamias and some grapes that were lying around the office.  I’m probably in calorie deficit most days and I guess that catches up with me after a while. I thought the weekend binge would be enough to prevent me from getting hungry during the week though.

There was some chicken left in the fridge and it was about to go off so I ate it. I wouldn’t usually have chicken for lunch and dinner. Also, I took some photos of my veg shake, just to try and get across the volume that’s involved.

Vegetables chopped up before steaming….

Veg Plate

Vegetables ready for blending…

Veg Blender

If I was to eat this amount of vegetables with a knife and fork I’d quit out of boredom. Putting it all in a blender with some butter makes it taste better and saves time. Although the blender I bought a couple of weeks ago is already falling apart. It was cheap, so I guess I should expect that. I’ll buy a proper one next time.