Day 32: Skimmed Milk and Unintended Consequences

Breakfast: BP Coffee
Lunch: Chicken Salad and ½ avocado
Dinner: Chilango pork salad

Exercise: Sprints

I’m gonna be lazy today and post a link to an article.

Irrespective of whether you are vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, Eskimo, whatever… the one change that that will have the biggest impact on your health, is removing processed foods from your diet.

There are many reasons to avoid processed foods. The one that stands out for me, is the principle of unintended consequences. When we process foods we change how they effect on our bodies, and usually deleteriously.

For example, milk contains a sugar called lactose. In order to break lactose down into its components, glucose and galactose, we need an enzyme called lactase. Some people don’t produce lactase. Fortunately, raw milk comes with lactase. Unfortunately, skimmed milk does not. Pasteurisation kills lactase, and if you don’t produce it yourself, you’ll likely experience discomfort when you drink it. However many of those who can’t tolerate skimmed milk, can drink raw milk just fine.

When we apply high volume manufacturing processes to food, with the aim of tailoring tastes, and extending shelf lives, we create a host of unintended (bad) consequences. The article describes some of those processes.