Day 31: Bulletproof Coffee in London

Breakfast: BP Coffee
Lunch: Chicken salad; BP Coffee
Dinner: Salmon; sauerkraut; veg shake.

Exercise: Jog to work

Well today I made quite a discovery. There’s a café 5 minutes from where I work selling Bulletproof Coffee! I knew there were some cafés in LA and the like doing BP Coffees, but not London. This could be the first.

The Café is called Crussh. It’s a chain, like most cafes and restaurants on the high street, and I had walked passed it every day. A friend told me about it this morning so I had to try it out. The coffee isn’t cheap; £2.95 with MCT Oil and £3.65 with Brain Octane Oil, but I doubt there are any ridiculously expensive Upgraded Coffee Beans in there (God I hate the amount of branding on Dave Asprey’s products).

I’m looking forward to the occasional BP Coffee in the afternoon :)