Day 21: Cheat Day 2

Breakfast: Burger and 4 egg omelette; Coffee
Dinner: Salmon and veg shake; beef and pesto. Junk (see below).

Exercise: Jog in the morning and weights

Right, I’ve been a good boy for the last 9 days so I.m having a cheat meal this evening. Before having the cheat meal I took a few steps to reduce the negative impact of all the carbohydrate and calories that I’ll consume.

I did a heavy leg weights session so that my muscles were demanding more nutrition. When my insulin spikes from eating all this junk, there will be plenty of cells looking for the carbohydrate, rather than it all going straight to fat cells. I also skipped lunch for the same reason – my body will work harder to extract the nutrition from the food. Finally, I’ve learned from my previous mistakes. If I’m gonna have a cheat meal, I eat a standard Paleo meal first, then throw the junk in on top.

I had a range of treats lined up: ark chocolate covered brazil nuts, chocolate with almonds, Rocky bars. I made sure to eat the “healthier” stuff first (the chocolate and nuts) but I still ate all of the dodgier stuff too. It probably wasn’t as big as The Rock’s cheat meal, but certainly a shameful display of gluttony nonetheless. I feel like one of the benefits of the cheat meal is that the gluttony shames me into eating better in future.