Day 2: Cheating

Breakfast: Coffee
Lunch: Chicken and spinach salad with bacon, onion and bell peppers
Snack: Omelette and nuts snack
Dinner: Salad, steak and potatoes

Exercise: Weights

Dad was in London so we went for dinner. I had a tomato, rocket and mozzarella salad; steak and a couple of baby potatoes for my mains. The second day and I’ve already broken the diet! I shouldn’t have eaten the cheese or the potatoes. However, given that it was only a small amount it isn’t worth stressing over. Dairy that comes from cows that are grass-fed is generally much healthier than grain-fed dairy. Grain-fed dairy is more of a problem in the US than over here, but of course, I’ve no idea what these cows ate.

Anyway, eating a particular diet isn’t like being pregnant. Being pregnant is binary; either you are or you aren’t. Sticking to a diet is a sliding scale. If I “cheat” on one day does this mean that my diet has failed? If the cheat won’t make a difference over the whole course of the diet then probably not. So I won’t stress over it.